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Confessions of a Fuzzy Blue Elf

Kurt Wagner
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My name is Kurt Wagner.

But in the Munich Circus, I was known as the incredible Nightcrawler!

I was found as a baby and raised in a circus in Germany by Gypsies. I'm a natural born acrobat.

Whenever possible I'd sneak out to go see old movies and rent videos. I ate up Errol Flynn with a spoon - I'm pretty good with a sword, myself!

Eventually, I left the circus, and joined the X-Men. Seemed like the responsible thing to do... God has given me great gifts, and in return I use them to help people. Be one of the good guys.

I've made - and lost - some good friends along the way. Somehow I've managed to keep my faith. Hasn't been easy, though.

All in all, my life is pretty good.

Oh yes, I'm blue, have three toes on each foot, a tail, and can teleport.
But this should really be only about the important things, ja?

Obviously, this isn't a real jounal.
This journal was created for roleplaying in marvel_mansion, and is in no way conected with Marvel Comics or anybody accually named Kurt Wagner. (Or Nightcrawler, for that matter).